Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Mobile Internet Access

My mobile Internet capabilities is now much higher than before. It's because I use Nokia E61 with an XL internet connection. I can use it as my Internet terminal, and also as a modem to my Compaq notebook.

It's nice to check my Gmail emails from anywhere I want, or just to check the availability of domains I want to register.

But I have to bring my notebook if I want to upload my pictures, because most of my portfolios are inside my hard drives. I want to try uploading pictures from my Nokia E61. Hopefully, I can do it ...


bambang said...

YES !!!!

Nokia e61 is the best gadget we ever have !!

My experiences since i use mobile phone on 1993 ( i used variety brand of mobile phone), so i just capture that nokia e61 is the best gadget i ever have.

We can do more mobile than before !
With nokia e61 i just plug in mini SD ( i use 1 Gb of ATP PRO MAX) WITH A LOT OF PRESENTATION FILES !!. We will amaze with its browser ( safari ) that can do mobile banking as safe & comfort as in pc mode. Something that others can't do !!!.

It's speed is beyond any other gadgets!
It's price unbelievable for it's performance capabilities.


Bearbear said...

Hai Just wanna ask.. I will use this xl-cetrin it worthed ?? how about the speed and stability ? is it good ?? is it depends on network location ?

Dibyo Gahari said...

Yes, it's a good option for you, especially if you're a mobile people.

The connectivity depends on the availability of 3G networks.

Lostminer said...

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